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An earthwork contractor and a bulldozer performing site development on a dirt road.

Project Spotlight

Coastal Site Services takes pride in our residential stormwater management project that rejuvenated a ravine behind two communities. This comprehensive endeavor showcased our expertise in grading, stormwater management, excavation, and site development. Our team meticulously contoured the terrain, optimizing its ability to handle stormwater runoff. State-of-the-art stormwater systems were installed to prevent flooding, ensuring the safety and sustainability of the communities. This project not only safeguarded the environment but also enhanced the quality of life for residents, exemplifying our commitment to excellence in site development while harmonizing with the natural landscape.

In this residential stormwater management project, Coastal Site Services went the extra mile to balance the need for effective stormwater control with environmental preservation. We carefully selected erosion-resistant native vegetation, preventing soil erosion and promoting wildlife habitat restoration within the ravine. By seamlessly integrating grading, stormwater management, excavation, and site development, we not only met regulatory requirements but also elevated the aesthetic and ecological appeal of the area. This project serves as a prime example of the role of an exceptional excavation contractor (see blog post here).

  1. Defined the Scope
    It is always important when stepping into a new project to work with the client to clearly define the scope.
  2. Aligned on Budget
    Once scope was agreed upon, we developed a detailed budget for the project.
  3. Pivoted As Needed – Communication is Key
    All projects have some type of unnexpected situations that arise – we handle that through meticulous communcation with our client.
  4. Completed On Time
    We completed this project on time and our clients were deeply satisfied. We all won!