earthwork and grading Contractor

An excavation contractor overseeing site development and earthwork at a construction site in a corn field.

Earthwork and Grading

Small earthwork and grading site packages are our bread and butter. This includes a comprehensive package for jobs including sediment controls, demolition, excavating, grading, etc…

Earthwork and grading is a crucial step in site development as it prepares the land for construction. Proper grading ensures that water runs off the site and away from buildings, preventing potential flooding and foundation issues. Grading also creates a level and stable base for the construction of buildings, roads, and other structures, which is essential for their integrity and longevity. Combined with services like stormwater management, This service is a very important part of site development.

What helps us stand apart in earthwork and grading

A earthwork contractor operates a deere excavator for site development on a road in front of a house.


We have the site work experience and capability like many big companies, but we are nimble enough to handle the smaller projects and deliver the same quality product.

High-Quality Workmanship

Perfection is the goal. We know that sometimes the path to completion is different than anticipated upon start, but we are determined to get the best final product possible.

Our Values

When challenges arise, we will always come to the table for open discussion. There are no egos here- only a determination to give our best every single time.


We never take shortcuts where safety is concerned. There is never an excuse for risking the safety of our team or clients. We take that responsibility very seriously.

More About Our Earthwork & Grading Service

At Coastal Site Services, our Earthwork & Grading services are the cornerstone of our expertise, representing the heart and soul of our commitment to site development excellence. We offer tailored packages encompassing small to large-scale projects, designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Small-Scale Earthwork Packages: For residential projects and smaller developments, Coastal Site Services offers specialized solutions. Our skilled team handles tasks like backyard grading, foundation excavation, and driveway preparation with precision. We ensure proper drainage and site stability, setting the foundation for successful construction.

Grading Excellence: Grading is not just about leveling the land; it’s about sculpting it to perfection. Coastal Site Services excels in precision grading, creating a smooth, even terrain for any project size. Our expertise ensures that water flows where it should, preventing erosion and promoting efficient stormwater management.

Sediment Control: As stewards of the environment, we prioritize sediment control in all our earthwork and grading projects. We employ proven techniques, such as silt fences and erosion control blankets, to prevent soil erosion and protect nearby water bodies. Coastal Site Services is committed to environmental responsibility. (Resource: Wiki)

Demolition & Excavation: Our comprehensive approach extends beyond earthwork and grading. We offer demolition and excavation services, preparing sites for new beginnings. From small clearing to large-scale site preparation, our team ensures safety, efficiency, and compliance with regulations.

Holistic Site Development: Coastal Site Services takes pride in being your one-stop solution for site development. Our Earthwork & Grading services are seamlessly integrated with other offerings like stormwater management and site development. We provide a cohesive, comprehensive experience that simplifies your project management and delivers outstanding results.

Whether it’s crafting a backyard oasis or preparing a large commercial site, Coastal Site Services’ Earthwork & Grading services lay the groundwork for success. We combine expertise, precision, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, ensuring that your project stands on a solid foundation for years to come. Interesting in other excavating services? Check out our additional services page here.