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An earthwork contractor is utilizing a bulldozer for site development on a dirt road.

Site Development Package

Coastal Site Services’ site development experts can prep your site from small clearing and demolition to sediment controls, earthwork and grading. We have the expertise in stormwater management giving you the benefit of performing all needs with one contractor for any residential or commercial job.

An earthwork contractor is using an excavator for site development near a house.

Stormwater Management

Coastal Site Services has the skilled operators and access to specialized equipment needed to perform all your storm water projects. We also perform repairs using our knowledge to provide long-term, reliable solutions for your storm water ponds or facilities.

An aerial view of a construction site with an earthwork and excavation contractor performing site development.

Earthwork & Grading

Our earthwork and grading service at Coastal Site Services is the foundation of successful construction. Our skilled team shapes and levels the terrain with precision, ensuring proper drainage, stability, and site functionality. We excel at transforming landscapes into ideal canvases for your projects, combining expertise with efficient execution.

A house is being demolished by an excavation contractor in the middle of a yard.


As part of our suite of services, our team is experience in controlled destruction, helping clear the way for new projects. We handle each project with detailed planning, focusing on safety of our team and of the site. While demolition isn’t always required in development, when it is, we’re here for you.

A hose is being used for excavation by an earthwork contractor.

Sediment Control

Our expertise at Coastal Site Services ensures effective measures to prevent soil erosion and sediment runoff during construction. We employ proven techniques, like silt fences and erosion control blankets, safeguarding water quality and preserving the natural ecosystem while meeting regulatory requirements.

An aerial view of an excavation contractor at a construction site in a field.

Riding Arenas

With our years of site prep and finish grade work experience, Coastal Site Services has been able to implement these skills to provide a service for the equestrian community. We offer custom designs tailored to your farm and riding discipline. Lets connect and see how we can help you.

Let’s see how we can help you with your next site development project.

Not sure if we do the type of work you need done in your next project? Reach out and we can help answer any questions you might have. Also, check out our FAQs as we answer some basic questions that folks have there.

A construction site with a bulldozer and excavation contractor.

Blog Spotlight: A Guide to Successful Site Preparation

Here we want to highlight one of our blog posts – the link to the post is here. We talk in this post about the most critical factors to successfully preparing a site. With years of expertise in the industry, we can help teach and share about what we do and why is is important.

  1. Planning & Permitting
    Asses the site layout and have necessary surveys conducted. Understand permit requirements based on location and scope.
  2. Site Protection & Preparation
    Install sediment barriers, silt fencing and other erosion control mechanisms. Clear and strip topsoil, conduct any demolition and debris removal required.
  3. Excavation and Shoring
    Dig foundations and utility trenches to depths needed, using dewatering method if groundwater seepage occurs. Install retainment systems and backfill & compact to fill levels.
  4. Cleanup and Erosion Control
    Remove all temp structures, equipment and debris. Grade and establish proper stormwater drainage. Plant native vegetation and install permanent erosion barriers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you perform excavation work?

Yes we absolutely do – small site development, including excavation is our bread and butter

Where does your company operate?

We do work all through Maryland and D.C. We typically will operate within 1.5 hours of Carroll County, MD.

What makes you stand apart from the competition?

We have the site work experience and capability like many big companies, but we are nimble enough to handle the smaller projects and deliver the same quality product.